Contribute to the Newsletter!

The KJ7 "Here's What's Happening" newsletter is a vital link in our local communication network, providing local news to over 1,100 households free of charge. Produced by an all-volunteer publishing team, and written entirely by community members and organizers, it is truly a labor of local love.

The Publishing Team regularly calls for writers to submit articles of interest, and as the fall approaches with all the new and continuing activities it brings, now is the perfect time to share your information and ideas! We value input from our readers, and we also invite comments and suggestions about our content and format.

Any community member is welcome to write articles for editorial review. If you are interested in writing for the newsletter but would like some advice and guidance, please get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

The Publishing Team also urges elected officials to use the newsletter as a forum for sharing information with constituents, and encourages students to write and submit articles about school news and events. A dedicated business section is included, which local business owners and entrepreneurs can use to communicate with customers and partners alike.

Article Guidelines:

Please supply your own title and byline (author’s name).

Due to the cost of colored ink, we cannot print more than one photograph per article.

Articles should be about 400 words or less. (Click on “Tools” in the MS Word toolbar to find word count.)

Articles may be shortened by our editors, depending on space available.

Use a common, standard font such as 12 point size Times New Roman.

Please provide your name and contact information, so we may connect with you directly if they have any questions.

The Newsletter is not a forum for political campaigning or debate. Please do not submit articles or letters that are explicitly political in nature or include any political statements or endorsements.


Written contributions may be sent to:

KJ7 Community Development,

PO Box 204, Kendrick, ID 83537

or emailed to

OR digitally submitted on our Submissions Page


STRICT Submission Deadline Schedule:

January/ February issue: December 15th

March/April issue: February 15th

May/June issue: April 15th

July/August issue: June 15th

September/October issue: August 15th

November/December issue: October 15th


Newsletter Team:

Larry Haylett

Polly Taylor Dennler

Randy Haylett

Special Thanks To:

Barb Murphey

Cindi Cope

Dorothy Taylor

Jerry Galloway

Jill Groseclose

Lori Brocke

Nora Abbott

Rob Foote

Sharon Harris